Medical Transcriptionist

Fast Chart Independent Contractor Medical Transcriptionists can expect:

  • The flexibility of setting your own schedule
  • Home-based worksite
  • Competitive pay rates
  • Quick start-up
  • Shift differential pay
  • Premium weekend pay
  • Premium holiday pay
  • Incentive Pay program
  • To work with a company that values honesty and integrity
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, customer service-oriented staff
  • Security of working with a well-established, reputable company
  • Bi-weekly pay via direct deposit
  • Minimal ESL
  • 24 hr technical support
  • Software provided
  • No long distance costs
  • USA-Based MTs Only

Fast Chart Independent Contractor Medical Transcriptionist requirements:

  • Computer Requirements
    1 ghz processor (minimum)
    2 Ghz dual core recommended

For DocQscribe 7:

  • Computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10.  Require minimum of 2 GB RAM if 32-bit Windows, 4 GB RAM if 64-bit Windows
  • 5 GB free hard drive space (5 GB or more preferred)
  • Windows Vista & XP are not supported.

For EditSCript: 

  • EditScript Requires you to have Microsoft Office installed.  Compatible versions are: Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010 and Office 2012.
  • Computers with Windows XP require 1 GB RAM minimum.
  • Computers with Windows 7 require 2 GB RAM minimum.
  • 20 GB free hard drive space (More preferred).
  • Windows XP or Windows 7 ONLY. Windows Vista is not supported.

Other Requirements: 

  • Broadband internet connection
  • Reliable email sending and receiving capabilities
  • Available  USB port  for foot pedal
  • Must demonstrate a high level of medical knowledge on a medical language/terminology exam
  • Must demonstrate transcription mastery in a typing skills test
  • Equipment Requirements
    Standard PC foot pedal (USB) and standard headset (as used with walkman, radio, etc.)

Which foot pedals are compatible?


Fast Chart Independent Contractor Medical Transcriptionist recruiting process:

• Step 1: Review qualifications and requirements above
• Step 2: PREQUALIFY ONLINE by completing an online Qualification Form accompanied by a current résumé (Both items are necessary in order to continue the recruiting process)
• Step 3: Pre-qualified candidates complete a medical language/terminology test and typing test
• Step 4: Test is evaluated and response is sent to candidate within three business days