2018 Brings an Expected Increase in the Demand for Voice Recognition Technology

Voice recognition technology is sure to increase in usage and popularity in 2018. It has the ability to decode human voice and offers a variety of benefits to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. Some of greatest benefits of voice recognition technology in the healthcare industry include:

Reusable Data

In previous years, hospitals across the country were penalized by Medicare because of readmissions. Voice data can predict hospital readmissions and be reused as many times as necessary. This allows for more accurate and immediate available care for billing purposes.


One of the most exciting benefits of voice recognition data is that it’s flexible. Since it can be accessed from any location at any time, there is no need to depend on a single interface or device in order to access data.

With voice recognition technology, healthcare professionals can easily share important data and information with other professionals across a wide array of devices and platforms. This can be particularly useful during audits because it reduces the gap between recording and delivering care so that health and clinical documentation can match accurately.

Improved Productivity

Voice recognition technology can do wonders for the productivity of a healthcare entity. It can give medical professional the opportunity to see more patients and increase their profitability as a result. Research has actually proven that with voice recognition technology, medical personnel can see one third more patients than they could using a structured EMR template.

Greater Accuracy and Speed

Prior to the debut of voice recognition technology, medical professionals were slower and more inaccurate. Now, they can document a patient’s data on their own and record it on their device of choice and reduce the time required for transcription while improving accuracy.

Smarter Decision Making

Since voice recognition reduces the amount of time it takes to get information that’s readily available for use, it can help medical professionals make smart split-second decisions that can save lives and make it quicker and easier for information to be passed between departments.

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Now that you are aware of all of the benefits of voice recognition technology, it’s clear why it is expected to be in such demand this year. If you’re a medical organization interested in implementing voice recognition technology, contact us today.

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