15 Benefits You Can Expect from Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical transcription companies have proven to be a great asset to the healthcare industry. Whatever your medical transcription requirement, these organizations can aid your practice in every part of the clinical documentation process.

Due to the increased demand for higher quality documentation of medical records, there is an increased trend for healthcare facilities to outsource medical transcription services. This pertains to all types of healthcare facilities including individual physicians, dentists, group practices, clinicians, medical office administrators, multi-specialty groups, acute care facilities, long term care facilities, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

Of the many reasons to support outsourcing your medical transcription services, here are the top fifteen benefits:

1. Increased workflow and productivitymedical woman
2. Save time and money by reducing administrative tasks
3. Extremely competitive pricing- pay according to line count
4. Cut down accounts receivable cycles
5. No upfront IT, hardware, or software licensing
6. Save on office infrastructure
7. Speed up reimbursements
8. Reduced turnaround time
9. Effectively streamline business processing
10. Reduce transcription headaches
11. Save on resources needed to hire and train professionals
12. Complete data security
13. Savings in cost: 40%-60%
14. Assures data quality
15. Confidentiality of data

Medical transcription companies offer transcription services for various medical reports including history and physical examination reports, operative reports, patient discharge summaries, emergency room reports, chart notes, medical evaluations, psychiatric evaluations, x-ray reports and many more.

At Fast Chart, we are committed to hiring only domestically-located Medical Transcriptionists that meet our rigorous standards and training. Fast Chart continually strives to enhance excellence standards through a systems approach of sharing quality and performance improvement strategies. Fast Chart prides itself on providing quality, accurate outsourced medical transcription services to meet each client’s increasing documentation demands to support billing reimbursement, risk management, and the need for more data. Feel free to call our office toll free: 1-800-334-6606 with any questions.


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