Achieve 98.5% Transcription Accuracy with Fast Chart

98.5% Accurate Transcription Service
Fast Chart is a leading U.S. based medical documentation service. What aids in setting them apart from others in the industry is their exceptional accuracy rating of over 98.5%. For anyone who has ever participated in medical dictation in the past, you understand how truly remarkable this accuracy rating is. You may be wondering how it is that Fast Chart is able to produce such little error, and the answer is simple, innovative technology.

Fast Chart has partnered with industry leader M*Modal to provide a state-of-the-art technology solution that easily captures, refines, accesses and shares the entire patient story from start to finish. M*Modal’s focus is on providing the industry’s most comprehensive yet most adaptable solution for creating highly accurate, structured, encoded and shareable medical documents to increase patient safety, promote continuity of care and reduce cost.

What is remarkable is how Fast Chart has put this innovative technology to work for them. Below are 4 ways that First Chart has achieved their 98.5% accuracy rating.

Speech Understanding™

We aren’t talking like the voice commands in your car or on your phone. This software is the first and only cloud-based platform that actually lends contextual understanding of the physician’s narrative – not just the individual words. This allows you to speak in a conversational tone which means no more repeating yourself and raised voices. Because the speech understanding is so advanced, it leaves little room for error.

Speech for EHR/EMR

Fast Chart is able to provide speech enabled EHR/EMR that works with any platform. The advanced speech understanding™ technology that we just mentioned makes it simple and intuitive for physicians to dictate, review and electronically sign their reports in a single pass. Once again, this technology aids in high accuracy ratings and happy doctors.

Automated Transcription

Fast Chart offers an automated transcription process that operates through a web-based, digital voice capture and transport solution. This system optimizes the clinical information workflow, allowing the transcriptions to be converted to a text file and electronically signed in a matter of seconds. This state-of-the-art system is not only speedy, it’s accurate.

Computer Assisted Coding

Fast Chart offers Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) which allows you to get your claims submitted in a timely manner and paid the first time around. With hundreds of thousands of medical codes to chose from, Fast Chart takes the guesswork out of billing. Fast Chart’s CAC solution is the single reference your coders need to remove inefficiencies, reduce denials, and compress the billing cycle.

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