Advantages of Computer Assisted Coding

A computer assisted coding software can analyze medical documents and produce appropriate medical codes for certain terms and phrases within the documents. It uses natural language processing, or NLP for short, to determine whether or not a certain term or phrase requires an ICD code.

For example, if you are making a diagnosis or providing services for a patient with thyroid disease, the software can add the appropriate code or group of codes. If the term “family history of thyroid disease” is included in the documentation, the software will know that an ICD code is not required.

Computer assisted coding has increased in popularity over recent years because of the many advantages it offers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of computer assisted coding.

Increased Productivity

When the average amount of time it takes to code a document decreases, productivity increases. Thanks to computer assisted coding, manual tasks such as identifying duplicates, sorting documents, looking up and selecting codes, ordering codes, or entering data are either unnecessary or can be completed faster.

Improved Accuracy

Computer assisted coding allows output to match the official guidelines and reporting requirements of the payer and improves accuracy. With improved accuracy, medical facilities can enjoy less denials and increased profitability.


Another one of the advantages of computer assisted coding is consistency that ensures guidelines are similarly applied across several coding resources. Consistency in the coding process makes it easier to analyze clinical and financial information.

Improved Compliance

When computer assisted coding is utilized, coding can be performed right the first time. Due to the fact that this software allows coding to be consistent and accurate, the need for additional work time and rebilling is reduced, improving compliance as a result.

It’s important to note that although computer assisted coding makes the medical coding process easier, the need for professional medical coders will not be eliminated. Professional coders may do less coding than they had to in the past but will be vital in reviewing both accuracy and productivity. With the support of computer assisted technology, they can spend less time scanning complicated documents and more time processing claims.

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