Free Up Physician Time With Fast Chart Technology

A recurring topic in today’s media is the demise of the patient-doctor relationship. Doctor’s have a lot of their plate (which is continuing to get bigger), and unfortunately at times the patient may get the short end of the stick, such as exam times cut short. For physicians who are trying to break the mold and get back to focusing on a high level of patient care, you must start by taking tasks off your plate.

As a physician, your time is spread thin. Between caring for patients, managing a practice, and keeping up with the many changes in healthcare, you have little time to worry with mundane tasks. For this reason, Fast Chart uses advanced technology to provide physicians like yourself with the tools they need to reduce the amount of time spent outside of the exam room.

Changing Technology

Technology is changing healthcare. Electronic medical records and virtual exams are just a few ways that technology has influenced the medical field in recent years. No one can say for sure what the future of healthcare will look like, but there is one thing we know for certain: technology will continue to influence the healthcare industry. At Fast Chart, we make it our priority to stay up to date on changing technology and pride ourselves on being the first to market on new advances.

Fast Chart is Utilizing Technology

Fast Chart has been working with an industry leader in technology, M*Modal, to simplify tasks and free up physician time. Fast Chart is now offering speech for EMR/EHR technology that will enable you to complete administrative tasks in little to no time. The days of repeating yourself, correcting errors, and typing and retyping dictations are over.

If you are spending too much time with dictation or worrying over speech recognition software of the past, let us introduce you to M*Modal’s Speech Understanding™ technology. It’s the first and only cloud-based platform that actually lends contextual understanding of the physician’s narrative – not just the individual words. This allows physicians to dictate in a more normal, “conversational”, mode by not having to memorize and call out specific terms to verbally cue the speech engine.

The result is less mistakes, less time, and less stress. When you take advantage of Fast Chart’s dictation services, you will benefit from the technology of M*Modal’s Speech Understanding™ technology. Below are several of the key features of the new technology.

Speech Understanding™ Features:

  • Complete Speech Understanding™ based on a library of nearly 200,000 voice patterns.
  • Plug-and-Play technology so no matter where you are, the cloud will recognize your speech.
  • Adjusts on-the-fly to differences in cadence, accent, dialect and sub-specialty terminology.
  • Ready to use in minutes with little to no IT support.

Learn More!

If you are ready to switch your focus back to on the patient, Fast Chart can help. With a greater than 98.5% accuracy rate, when you chose to outsource your medical transcription services to Fast Chart, you can rest easy knowing you are in good hands. Learn more about our services by clicking here or request a free quote by clicking here.

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