What Does the Future Hold for Medical Transcription Services?

With so much evolving in the medical transcription services world, many hospitals, medical facilities, and professionals are wondering what the future will hold. Some professionals fear losing their jobs, while some hospitals wonder if the quality of their medical transcription services will suffer due to outsourcing.

Medical Transcription Services Leaving the U.S.

One of the key concerns regarding medical transcription services is more and more healthcare facilities are outsourcing transcription to other countries, especially India. Consequently the control, quality and turnaround times of transcribed documents may not be what the hospital is accustomed to, especially if the transcription service has a large number of employees for whom English is a second language. The medical field requires precise transcriptions that are often using specialized terms. Transcriptionists that are not fluent in English can potentially create a recipe for disaster for the client.

Professionally, many transcriptionist fear loss of employment as hospitals, clinics and physician offices are enticed by discounted rates provided by those companies operating outside of the US.
While this has yet to be the case due to the higher number of errors found in the transcriptions of non-English speaking transcriptionist, it is still a legitimate concern

The Use of Automatic Transcription

Successful US Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSO) have embraced this challenge by upping their game and providing the healthcare facilities with superior technology, service and quality assurance measures. MTSO’s are providing sophisticated automated transcription web based digital voice capture and transport solutions that optimize clinical workflow from start to finish. Cloud based Automated Speech Recognition technology allows transcriptionists and editors to improve productivity while optimizing turnaround time (TAT), document quality and accuracy—all monitored by Quality Assurance and HIM personnel..

Medical Transcription Services in the Digital Age

Never before has innovation in healthcare delivery been more critical. Investments in innovative solutions by healthcare providers are accelerating because the benefits for their patients and the organization are truly compelling. It is hard to believe as little as a few decades ago, most transcriptionists worked from a tape. Now, they send digital files to be transcribed or edited. All in all, the digital age has made transcription faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.

As leaders in the field of clinical documentation, Fast Chart is committed to helping healthcare providers and hospitals meet the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Fast Chart’s cloud-based, innovative solutions help our customers provide affordable, first-rate patient care through secure, timely, and accurate clinical documents.

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