Healthcare Changes You Can Expect to See in 2018

2018 is suspected to bring about much change in the healthcare industry. As with 2017, the continued uncertainty of the healthcare industry is having an affect on how the industry is operating. Healthcare changes that you can anticipate taking place in year 2018 include:

1. Creating Efficiency:

In 2018, the healthcare industry will continue to develop efficiencies that will improve practice performance while offsetting practice risk. For many practices, creating efficiency will be achieved through the use of technology, such as adopting a medical transcription service and using artificial intelligence to streamline administrative tasks. However, in light of the new tax reform, many practices may also be revamping their business models in an effort to create efficiency as well.

2. Increased in the Patient Experience:
Information and technology is influencing how consumers interact with businesses.  In 2018, you can expect to see this trend to flow into the healthcare industry. Many practices have already begun to focus on patient relationships, which includes placing a higher value on patient interactions instead of volume of patients. This can be expected to continue well into 2018, with practices taking strategic approaches to improve the patient experience, such as outsourcing medical transcription services, freeing up provider and staff time to focus on their patients.

3. Improved Security

2017 brought about many large and widespread security breaches. Due to the importance of privacy in the medical industry, and a 525% increase in medical device cybersecurity vulnerabilities reported by the government, 2018 healthcare changes will include improved security across practices and hospitals alike. Medical practices will likely invest more funds in protecting against and planning for these security breaches. One way to protect your patient information is to work with a medical transcription company who takes strenuous security measures to protect all patient information, such as FastChart.

Prepare for Upcoming Healthcare Changes

There are many healthcare changes on the horizon in 2018 and it is important that your practice stays up-to-date on these healthcare industry trends. One way this can be achieved is through outsourcing your medical transcription services to Fast Chart. Not only will this free up time, providing patients with a higher quality of service, it will also ensure proper security and efficiency measures are being met.

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