Healthcare is Now the Largest Employer in the United States

The healthcare industry focuses on helping people and provides services related to treating illness, managing disease, and maintaining wellness. As of today, healthcare is the largest employer in the United States.

In the year 2000, there were 7 million more employees in the manufacturing industry than in health care. At the start of the Great Recession, there were 2.4 million more employees in retail than in health care. In 2017, health care surpassed both manufacturing and retail.

The fact that Americans are getting older is of the main reasons healthcare is now the largest employer in the country. Believe it or not, one quarter of the workforce will be older than 55 by 2025. The aging country will require more care and more workers in the healthcare industry. healthcare

Another reason for the growth in healthcare employees is that healthcare is publicly subsidized in a variety of ways. Each year, the United States spends hundreds of billions of dollars on Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare benefits for government employees and veterans.

It’s important to note that the boom in health care employment is coming more from administrative positions rather than physician positions. These administrative positions include receptionists and office clerks and are imperative for medical organizations to run efficiently. Without these administrative positions, physicians, nurses, and others are not able perform their job.

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Additionally, you’ll become an expert on a variety of cutting-edge technologies and gain comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare industry. You will allow physicians and other medical professionals to focus on quality patient care and play a vital role in helping medical facilities run smoothly and increase their profitability.

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