HIPAA Security Requirements: How Fast Chart Goes Above and Beyond

As a medical professional, you work diligently to make sure your practice complies with HIPAA regulations in order to not only protect your patients, but to also protect your practice from any penalties or fines that may occur as a result of a HIPAA violation. At Fast Chart, we understand the importance of complying with HIPAA, that is why we go above and beyond to make sure our medical transcriptionists are trained in HIPAA and comply with HIPAA guidelines. When you place your trust in Fast Chart, you can rest easy knowing that all HIPAA security requirements for Medical Transcriptionists are not only met, but exceeded.

HIPAA security requirements for Medical Transcriptionists at Fast Chart

At Fast Chart, our highly professional team of medical professionals take their job seriously. This includes taking extreme measures to protect your sensitive patient information. Below are a few ways in which Fast Chart is ensuring privacy of patient data.

  • The workstations of our medical transcriptionists are private, meaning that access to the computer is off limits to family members or guests. The workstations are password protected to ensure that all data is secure and unable to be accessed by anyone other than the medical transcriptionist.
  • Fast Chart has rigorous password requirements to make sure that passwords are strong and difficult to hack or guess.
    In addition to the password requirements above, Fast Chart’s transcription platform has an auto-logoff feature. This means that when a workstation is left idle for a set amount of time, it automatically logs the medical transcriptionist out, requiring a password to log back in. Although this feature is useful, we encourage all of our transcriptionists to lock their workstations each time they step away, even for a short break.
  • When possible, our medical transcriptionists position their workstations away from windows and doors to ensure the utmost privacy is obtained.
  • Fast Chart sends client information as an encrypted file, meaning that the data is highly secure. Our transcriptionists will never reveal patient information through unsecured mediums such as text, instant messenger, voicemail, or unsecured emails.
  • Voice files and transcribe documents never reside on the transcriptionists computer, making it impossible to copy the files or save them to a device such as an USB.
  • Patient information is never discussed around outsiders or with outsiders, such as family or friends. Our transcriptionists take the privacy of your patients seriously and are trained to work discretely.

When you chose Fast Chart for your medical transcription needs, you will receive a copy of our privacy policy and a HIPAA contract.

The Fast Chart Difference

Through the use of technology, Fast Chart has automated the transcription process. Fast Chart Physicians dial directly into a digital transcription system. After the medical chart is dictated and digital transcription is completed, it is then reviewed for accuracy by a medical transcriptionist and returned to the facility.

To comply with HIPAA, documents may be returned in a variety of methods including fax, encrypted email, and Internet file transfer (FTP). These documents are returned in a timely manner to facilitate patient care. Medical dictation for admissions and transfers (STATs) will be returned within one hour.

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If you are ready to work with a company who exceeds HIPAA security requirements for Medical Transcriptionists, we invite you to explore Fast Chart. Fast Chart’s digital transcription system is both powerful and easy to use, requiring a minimal amount of time for implementation and training. Learn more or request a free quote.

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