Intelligent Imaging Systems

At Fast Chart, we are excited to offer intelligent imaging systems. Radiologists work behind the scenes to make diagnoses, consult with physicians, and help patients prepare for procedures. They use x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other medical imaging tests to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries.

Often times, they are able to catch problems early by interpreting the results of imaging tests and provide referring physicians with the information they need to determine next steps for a patient’s treatment. Delayed or vague imaging results from medical imaging tests can hinder the success of a radiologist and the overall quality of care they deliver to their patients.

Fortunately, Fast Chart offers an intelligent imaging, radiology reporting solution that is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of findings. It uses the following applications:

  • Intelligent Speech Understanding™by M*Modal
  • A consolidated vendor-neutral worklist
  • Advanced departmental business analytics

How It Works

With our intelligent imaging systems, all radiologists have to do is speak. They can speak into the Intelligent Speech Understanding™by M*Modal and instantly create structured electronic documents that are both searchable and shareable.

Since radiologists have a difficult time being productive because of the multiple sites, specialties, RIS, EHRs and PACs they face on a daily basis, they will be more than pleased with our consolidated vendor-neutral worklist. This worklist will allow every exam, regardless of location or vendor to be unified and simplified.

In order to measure success, radiologists can count on our advanced departmental business analytics. It will give them the opportunity to measure efficiency at every phase of the radiology cycle of care so they can figure out where they need to improve.

Our powerful, real-time analytics make it easy for radiologists and other decision makers to receive the data they need to make smart decisions. These decisions often result in greater productivity, improved efficiency, and most importantly, increased revenue.

Why Radiologists Should Consider Intelligent Imaging Systems

Perhaps the greatest benefits of our intelligent, imaging radiology solution are the structured reporting and productivity tools it can offer radiologists. Radiologists can easily filter and prioritize exams, distribute workloads, and assign exams based on customized rules. In addition, they can search, find, and view relevant patient data automatically and enjoy the electronic reading, tagging, and tracking of follow up recommendations.

Contact Fast Chart to Schedule a Demo

If you’d like further information on how our intelligent imaging radiology solution can benefit your practice, we encourage you to contact Fast Chart today. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a demo so that you can find out how our cutting-edge solution can serve as a valuable asset to your medical organization.

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