Learn About Our Transcription Technology From M*Modal

At Fast Chart, we are committed to high quality clinical documentation while reducing medical transcription costs. That’s why, we’ve invested in transcription technology from M*Modal. M*Modal has provided us with transcription technology that can address the unique needs of a wide variety of healthcare organizations.

The technology involves quality assurance tools that make it easy for us to ensure that transcribed documents are quickly returned while maintaining the highest of quality. Let’s take a closer look at the types of technologies M*Modal offers.

Automated Transcription

The use of the automated transcription technology begins when a speech recognition engine converts audio files to text and automatically transports them to the proper editor. Once this has been completed, healthcare professionals can electronically sign the documents. The documents are then automatically distributed or uploaded to the HIS. Then, final documents are generated and uploaded to the EHR.

Many of the healthcare providers we work with choose to dictate directly into the EHR system so that they can use one application to create a file that features text and voice. Our automated transcription solution is a great option for healthcare facilities that outsource their medical transcription services, have a team of in-house transcriptionists, or outsource and perform transcription in-house. Healthcare organizations and transcriptionists are easily able to oversee and improve the entire transcription process.

There are a variety of ways a healthcare facility can benefit from automated transcription. It can give physicians the freedom to dictate using any device while they are on the go or in their practice. It can also increase productivity and reduce expenses.

Speech Understanding

M*Modal also offers Speech Understanding technology which is the first and only cloud-based platform that contextually understands physician narratives rather than just individual words. With this technology, physicians are able dictate in a conversational tone and no longer have call out certain terms to cue the speech engine.

The Speech Understanding technology features complete speech understanding that is based on a library of over 200,000 voice patterns and will recognizes speech that is spoken in any location. It also adjusts on the fly to accent, dialect, and cadence differences. Lastly, it can be used in minutes with minimal to no support from IT.

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For more information on how transcription technology from M*Modal can revolutionize your medical practice, contact Fast Chart today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and educate you further on the benefits of M*Modal transcription technology.

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