Outsourced Medical Transcription Services Help to Increase Patient Satisfaction

Your medical practice relies on the entire staff to be successful, not just the physicians. It takes a team to make any medical office a pleasant place to seek medical attention. Because your patients are the crux of your business, you need to make sure that all aspects of your medical office are running optimally. This includes your medical transcriptionists. What happens if they are not operating at full efficiency? Your patient as well as staff satisfaction could dwindle; you could also lose patients, and more importantly revenue. Rather than dealing with these risks, you could invest in outsourced medical transcription services.

Medical Transcription Services Help Keep Patients Happy

Errors in charts, lost information or delayed transcription could cause patient dissatisfaction. They want their medical information to be timely and accurate; it is their life you are dealing with. When you have sick employees or employee turnover, there are risks in delayed information, overtaxing your current employees and an increased risk of errors. As mistakes are made, patients begin to become impatient and potentially leave your practice. When you use outsourced automated transcription services, these risks are cut down to a minimum, allowing you to keep up patient satisfaction, retaining your current patient load and possibly getting referrals.

Medical Transcription Services can Save you Money

Whether you are dealing with employee turnover, making up transcription mistakes or dealing with a patient that is upset over the delay in their medical information, revenue can be lost. Training new employees on all of your equipment and procedures takes time and money as does making up for an employee on a sudden leave of absence. This takes away from the productivity of other employees and puts your transcription behind. If patients get upset, they may leave your practice, costing you even more money. Even if they do not leave, they are less likely to refer you to friends and family. You could also have to deal with delayed claims and payments, costing you more money in the long run.

Your medical transcription services play a large role in patient satisfaction, which is the bottom line of your medical business. When you trust your services to Fast Chart, you are guaranteed timely, accurate transcription services all of the time. You do not have to worry about down time, sick employees, employee turnover or even mistakes. It is our job to provide timely, accurate information all of the time, taking the pressure off of your office, allowing you and your team to focus on the patients and their ultimate satisfaction.

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