Medical Transcription Services: The Power of Proofreading

To err may be human, but when it comes to the healthcare industry, there is little room for error. That is why at Fast Chart, we are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate medical transcription reports. We are able to accomplish this through using the latest speech recognition technology and a skilled medical transcriptionist… Continue Reading

Personalizing your home office

Working from home is a great blessing. However, at times it can be difficult to separate your home life from your career. That is why having a dedicated home office space is important for successfully working from home. Making your office space inviting is a surefire way to increase productivity. When you work from home,… Continue Reading

HIPAA Security Requirements: How Fast Chart Goes Above and Beyond

As a medical professional, you work diligently to make sure your practice complies with HIPAA regulations in order to not only protect your patients, but to also protect your practice from any penalties or fines that may occur as a result of a HIPAA violation. At Fast Chart, we understand the importance of complying with… Continue Reading

Dictation Apps: 3 Tips For Compiling With HIPAA

Once again, technology is influencing change on the medical industry. A recent trend is physicians saying “farewell” to their digital recorders and “hello” to mobile dictation apps for their phone. Using your phone to record dictation seems like a logical decision, after all, people are rarely caught in a situation where they don’t have their… Continue Reading

Free Up Physician Time With Fast Chart Technology

A recurring topic in today’s media is the demise of the patient-doctor relationship. Doctor’s have a lot of their plate (which is continuing to get bigger), and unfortunately at times the patient may get the short end of the stick, such as exam times cut short. For physicians who are trying to break the mold… Continue Reading

3 Work-From-Home Tips To Keep You Focused

For certain folks, working from home is the ideal situation. However, like any job, it does not come without its challenges. When you work from it is easy to get distracted with household chores and a long to-do list of tasks that are tempting to complete. Additionally, at times it is hard to muster the… Continue Reading

ICD-11 Changes in 2017: What to Expect

As a physician, you have not quite gotten over the sting that you felt when ICD-10 was released. When the October 1st, 2015 implementation deadline came and went, you most likely breathed a sigh of relief. Now that you are getting used to the 68,000 codes that came with ICD-10, it is time to talk… Continue Reading

What The Future Holds For The Affordable Care Act

With the election safely behind us, and Donald Trump as the victor, it has left many Americans wondering how a Trump presidency will affect the medical industry. While campaigning, President Elect Trump made it no secret how he felt about the Affordable Care Act. When the Affordable Care Act was brought up during a presidential… Continue Reading

Achieve 98.5% Transcription Accuracy with Fast Chart

Fast Chart is a leading U.S. based medical documentation service. What aids in setting them apart from others in the industry is their exceptional accuracy rating of over 98.5%. For anyone who has ever participated in medical dictation in the past, you understand how truly remarkable this accuracy rating is. You may be wondering how… Continue Reading