Medical Transcription Services: A Vital Part of Excellent Healthcare

Healthcare is a vital part of everyone’s life – and medical transcription services are a vital part of healthcare. Society is constantly seeking to improve the quality of healthcare, which means that the transcription industry has to stay on top of the ever changing market to continue serving healthcare professionals. The constant challenge to improve… Continue Reading

What Does the Future Hold for Medical Transcription Services?

With so much evolving in the medical transcription services world, many hospitals, medical facilities, and professionals are wondering what the future will hold. Some professionals fear losing their jobs, while some hospitals wonder if the quality of their medical transcription services will suffer due to outsourcing. Medical Transcription Services Leaving the U.S. One of the… Continue Reading

Implementing Medical Transcription with EMRs

With the ever evolving use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the medical industry, individuals may perhaps wonder “what will happen to outsourcing medical transcription services?”   Will there still be a need for these resources if EMRs are widely used?  The answer plain and simple is, yes. There is ample need for both.  In fact,… Continue Reading

Medical Transcription Services Let Doctors do their Job

Doctors are meant to heal patients, but if they own a small practice, their time could be tied up in the business of medical charts, leaving less time to truly focus on their patients. With increasing regulations and numerous changes in the process of medical coding and billing, it makes sense to take advantage of… Continue Reading

Free up your IT Department by Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Health Information Systems provide standardized languages and terminologies that improve patient care and assist healthcare facilities to meet the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) meaningful use requirements. IT infrastructure is the backbone of any medical organization. Without these experts effectively handling the healthcare network, your organization could face dire circumstances. Today the implementation of the Electronic… Continue Reading

Why Hospital Transcription could Benefit from an Outsourced Company

Whether you are a hospital or group practice, having an in-house transcription team has both rewards and challenges, especially if you are the director, managing this healthcare ecosystem. Hospital or group practice in house transcription is a very complicated business, requiring keen awareness on the MTs part in assembling the report as well as the… Continue Reading