The Automated Transcription Process w/ M Modal

One of the most important aspects of patient care in a healthcare entity is rapid, dependable medical transcription. Recently, many healthcare organizations have reaped the benefits of using Fast Chart’s automated transcription services w/ M Modal . To learn more about how automated transcription works and the advantages it provides, keep reading.

How Automated Transcription Works

Here at Fast Chart, we are pleased to partner with M Modal to provide automated transcription services to our clients. M Modal has developed a web-based, digital voice capture and transport platform that adds efficiency to the workflow of clinical information.

First, a speech recognition engine converts audio files to text and instantly transports them to the correct editor. When this process is completed, healthcare providers are able to sign the documents electronically. These documents are then distributed automatically or uploaded to the HIS. Final documents are then generated in CDA structured data format or HL7 and may be uploaded to the EHR or sent to the Computer Assisted Coding system managed by Fast Chart.

Additionally, if they wish, healthcare providers can directly dictate to the EHR system in order to create a thorough clinical file that is comprised of text and voice through the use of one application. The Automated Transcription Solution from Fast Chart is ideal for healthcare organizations that perform medical transcription in-house, outsource their services, or combine both in-house and outsource medical transcription. It makes it easy for healthcare personnel, quality assurance, HIM professionals, and transcriptionists to oversee and improve the complete transcription process from start to finish.

Benefits of Automated Transcription

There are countless ways a healthcare practice can benefit from automated transcription. Since it supports precise dictation through any source, physicians can dictate from any location and do not have to conform to a certain device. Physicians are now able to dictate on the go or while sitting in their practice through tablets, smartphones, PCs, workstations, and traditional phones. Automated transcription is also easily adaptable to different workflow needs, and creates a more seamless solution that increases productivity and reduces expenses.

In addition, automated transcription offers incredible flexibility for physicians. It makes it simple for them to record, complete, and edit their own documentation. Documentation can also be sent via a formal transcription process that is made up of quality checks.

If you’re interested in learning more about how automated transcription can help your healthcare organization, contact Fast Chart today. We look forward to showing you how automated transcription can completely revolutionize your medical practice.

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