The Ins and Outs of Transcription Foot Pedals

The Ins and Outs of Transcription Foot Pedals

Medical transcriptionists listen to recorded voice audio files and type what they hear. Since most transcriptionists are unable to type as quickly as a doctor speaks, transcription foot pedals are an invaluable resource. A transcription foot pedal can allow a medical transcriptionist to easily rewind, fast forward, or pause an audio file. Let’s take a closer look at how a transcription foot pedal works and why it is so beneficial.

How a Transcription Foot Pedal Works

Without a transcription foot pedal, a medical transcriptionist will be forced to go through the tedious process of using their mouse to rewind, fast forward, pause, and play the audio file that they need to type out. When this happens, they waste their time as well as a company’s money.

By investing in a quality transcription foot pedal, a transcriptionist can manipulate an audio file by using their foot. The petal contains different areas on its surface that are dedicated to different functions like rewind, play, and pause. With a transcription foot pedal, medical transcriptionists won’t have to take their hands off of their keyboard every time they need to manipulate a recording.

How to Set Up a Transcription Foot Pedal

Setting up a transcription foot pedal is a breeze. A medical transcriptionist can simply plug the USB of the pedal into their computer and wait for the software to install. Once the software has been installed, they can play the recording on the transcription software they’ve downloaded and use their foot pedal to rewind, play, and pause.

Best Types of Transcription Foot Pedals

With so many transcription foot pedals on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. The transcription foot pedal that Fast Chart recommends to our transcriptionists is the Infinity USB foot pedal. Its ergonomic design ensures minimal to no foot fatigue while its mechanical stop prevents transcriptionists from accidentally activating the central pedal while stepping on the side pedals. The Infinity USB foot pedal is also hard wired to prevent accidental un-plugging. In addition, it’s backed by a 90 day mail in parts/labor warranty.

Contact Fast Chart Today

For more information on transcription foot pedals and how they can improve the productivity of a medical transcriptionist, contact Fast Chart today. All of our medical transcriptionists are required to take advantage of this handy tool so that they can provide our medical clients with the highest quality medical transcription services.

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