Why Fast Chart for Your Medical Transcription Services

Opting for in-house medical transcription services in-house would require a healthcare organization to be responsible for employee training and management, records, technology, equipment maintenance, turnaround time, HIPPA compliance, and other variables related to medical transcription services. This would give the practice less time to focus on its core business of healthcare.

Therefore, outsourcing medical transcription services through Fast Chart is the ideal solution. Outsourcing through Fast Chart has granted countless healthcare facilities the time and resources to focus on patient care while improving their overall efficiency. To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services, keep reading.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Cost Efficiency: One of the most notable advantages of outsourcing medical transcription services is the cost savings. By outsourcing, labor, administrative, and training costs are significantly reduced. In addition, the expenses associated with purchasing and maintaining digital and transcription equipment are eliminated.

Greater Accuracy: Healthcare practices that manage their transcription services in-house may suffer from poor accuracy and turnaround time due to inadequate control measures. At Fast Chart, we ensure the highest levels of accuracy by carefully screening employees and only hiring those that have the knowledge and experience to produce precise work.

Service That is Scalable: It is inevitable for transcription volume to fluctuate. Healthcare organizations that manage transcription services in-house must maintain a staff regardless of the workload size. Outsourcing gives these facilities access to the amount of medical transcriptionists necessary to get the job done. This ensures that they are only paying for the work and resources they need.

Shorten Accounts Receivable Cycle: Streamlining the medical transcription process through outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to simplify workflow and reduce the amount of steps in the accounts receivable cycle.

HIPAA Compliance: Fast Chart understands the importance of adhering to HIPAA compliance. Outsourcing our services can give healthcare providers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all our medical transcriptionists have signed confidentiality agreements and will keep medical information safe and secure. Each medical transcription file that we transcribe has been given every effort to ensure 100% HIPPA compliance.

Fast Chart is the Optimal Choice for Medical Transcription Services

If you’re searching for reliable and affordable medical transcription services, Fast Chart will exceed your every expectation. At Fast Chart, we employ a skilled management team that consists of healthcare veterans with an average of 15 years of industry experience as well as highly skilled medical transcriptions that are entirely based in the U.S.

In addition, we offer 24 hours of live support so you never have to worry about having a question or concern unanswered. Our state-of-the-art technology and all-inclusive document workflow solution paired with our experienced team work together to give you reliable results that you can count on for years to come. Contact us today!

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