Everything You Need to Know About M*Modal

m*modal technologyFast Chart’s partnerships with M*Modal helps to power the technology behind everything we do. Our Speech Understanding, Computer Assisted Coding, Intelligent Imaging, and Automated Transcription all rely on state-of-the-art technology so that your practice never misses a beat. We offer services that benefit both the provider and patient and are proud to report an accuracy rate of over 98.5%. Because M*Modal’s solutions are so ingrained with the services we offer at Fast Chart, we wanted to take some time to explain this technology and what it can do for your business. If you’re interested in outsourcing your medical transcription, read on to learn everything you need to know about M*Modal technology.

Speech Understanding

Speech Understanding technology can help take your medical transcription to the next level. M*Modal’s speech understanding solution allows users to use all different types of speech options, including the ability to understand narratives, not just individual words. This is different from other forms of speech understanding technology because this specific form of speech understanding allows physicians to speak normally and conversationally and eliminates the need to call out keywords to prompt the speech engine. This leads to an increased workflow that is more productive, and sustainable while also resulting in higher quality documentation. The user profile is cloud-hosted and can be shared over applications and devices.

Computer-Assisted Coding

When it comes to computer-assisted coding, M*Modal offers a cloud-based coding platform that helps to drive high-quality, productive coding. Through Fast Chart, your practice can access fully-embedding encoders and various management tools to more efficiently make use of critical coding resources, no matter if you’re on-site or remote. This technology helps to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks and to yield more accurate results. The culmination of these tools leads to a quicker and more accurate billing cycle to help receive reimbursement faster than ever before.

Intelligent Imaging

M*Modal offers high-quality and efficient intelligent imaging for radiology reporting. Through this technology, radiologists can create, share, and search clinically encoded electronic documents just by speaking. This allows for more complete reports that can be produced in a shorter time span than traditional reporting. In addition, M*Modal’s technology offers an analytics solution that can provide radiologists and administrators with the data they need to make the most informed decisions.

Automated Transcription

Automated transcription services use digital voice capture technology to optimize the workflow of clinical information. Using M*Modal’s speech understanding, the speech engine can pick up on what physicians are saying and convert those audio files to text, and then send them to the correct editor. Providers can also electronically sign documents and then upload them to your EHR, or pass along to Fast Chart’s computer-assisted coding system. The possibilities available through M*Modal’s technology are efficient, productive, and accurate, and will ultimately save your practice time and money.

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