Five Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Transcription Services Now

outsource medical transcription

Being a medical transcriptionist requires a person to understand the audio recording of medical reports in the voice of physicians, health professionals, and nurses, and convey the same in written form. It also requires a basic underlying knowledge of the subject matter in order to accurately transcribe.

It can be costly for physicians offices and healthcare organizations to retain medical transcriptions on-staff, both in terms of time and money. These resources may be better utilized by choosing to outsource your medical transcription needs. Here’s why:


Outsourcing your medical transcription job gives you the liberty to hire skilled labor at affordable rates. Rather than vetting individual employees for their skills and qualifications, you only have to choose one company.

Once you establish a good rapport with your third-party service provider and they understand your needs and requirements, you can simply delegate your tasks to them and trust their skilled and talented professionals to get the job done quickly and accurately.


Outsourcing to a medical transcription service provider allows you to pay them according to the number of words, lines, or pages they transcribe, or a set retainer.

This can allow you to scale your services up or down as per your requirement while simultaneously functioning according to your budget.
This is advantageous and convenient as compared to hiring a full-time staff with set salaries and professional benefits in order to retain them.


You are only given 24 hours a day. Your time is limited and so is your attention span. There is a cap on how far you can grow if you only keep working by yourself.

If you want to activate your growth and achieve more than the competition by investing the same amount of time, you need to work smarter.

Utilizing the time and talent of other professionals can help fuel your organization’s growth by freeing up your time and leveraging your resources in the most effective way.


Hiring a full-time staff comes with additional other responsibilities. First, you need to undergo the process of sifting through and choosing the best candidates, arranging a work environment, training them on the rules and regulations, offering benefits, and granting them fixed salaries.

Outsourcing enables you to cut the cost of capital which you can save for other purposes like marketing your practice or reinvesting into facility improvements or technology upgrades.

In fact, many successful people who outsource their tasks regret not starting soon enough. The time and money you’ll save by outsourcing your medical transcription needs is huge will yield long-term dividends.


Although micromanaging is not recommended if you intend to run a successful practice, it is important in the beginning when you’re laying out your system to function in your absence.
Outsourcing or delegating your tasks gives you that window of opportunity to have better control over your medical transcription requirements.

You can give a detailed explanation regarding the accuracy of outputs you’re looking to achieve, monitor the process first-hand, and sort any issues or problems that may arise in the process.

Why Fast Chart

Fast Chart prides itself on providing quality, accurate outsourced medical transcription services to meet each client’s increasing documentation demands to support billing reimbursement, risk management, and the need for more data. For more information about our medical transcription services, call 1-800-334-6606.

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