Healthcare Trends for 2021

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At Fast Chart, we prioritize delivering the most updated, state-of-the-art clinical documentation solutions. We encourage healthcare practices across the country to embrace this technology in their field in order to benefit their employees and patients while saving time and money. 2020 has been an overwhelming, unprecedented year for everyone, but especially for healthcare workers. As we look to the upcoming year, it’s clear to see how digital aspects of healthcare will become a certain mainstream practice. In addition, the historic speed that COVID vaccines were produced is likely to accelerate other medical innovations that will help us meet new challenges.

Healthcare will be top of mind

As we entered 2020, no one could have predicted the immense toll that COVID-19 would take on our day-to-day lives. After nearly a year of social distancing, sanitizing, and mask usage, there’s no doubt that healthcare will be more top of mind than ever before. While many of us yearn for what life was like pre-pandemic, a full return to normalcy is likely to take longer than you’d think. Healthcare will also likely be considered in more environments than it was before. While many businesses adjusted to operate in a fully remote setting, those with office spaces are far more likely to consider healthcare practices such as sanitary and quarantine measures.

Increased need for mental health resources

Some of the key findings of Mental Health America reveal that youth mental health is worsening, suicidal ideation among adults is increasing, and that there is still an unmet need for mental health treatment among youth and adults. These are dire statistics that are sure to continue into 2021. Mental health is also sure to play a role in the reformulation of health insurance plan benefits.

Virtual and remote medical care will continue to stay relevant

Mental health will also have a major impact on the mainstay of telemed and telehealth appointments. An estimated one-third of virtual appointments are expected to be related to mental health. Even in other fields, telehealth appointments have skyrocketed for routine appointments and consultations. This model is convenient for both patient and healthcare professionals, while also allowing for safe social distancing and a lower chance of contagion. Now that virtual healthcare has become part of our lives, telehealth is undoubtedly here to stay as a healthcare trend for 2021.

There may be more breakthroughs in our future

There’s no doubt that a large amount of funding combined with a desperate need helped turn operation warp speed into a success as multiple COVID-19 vaccines were produced in less than a year. While this doesn’t mean that we’ll immediately start creating cures for other diseases, Forbes predicts that we’ll likely see accelerated development of forms of treatment called “precision medicine.” While the pandemic has caused immense disruption to our lives, the scientific breakthrough may pave the way for treatments for other diseases.

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