How to Support Your Medical Staff During the Holidays

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With the holidays comes time spent with loved ones, much-awaited vacation time, and unfortunately, holiday stress.  No one is immune to the mental and emotional burden brought on by this annual stress, not even healthcare providers.  In fact, after nine months of a pandemic, frontline workers have likely faced some of the highest levels of stress and work than they ever have before. 2020 has brought an undeniable struggle with the balance of work and their personal lives.  While there are a variety of stress-reducing techniques healthcare providers can practice individually, coworkers and supervisors can also ease the burden. Here are some ways to effectively support your medical staff during the holidays.  

Plan the Holiday Work Schedule in Advance

We all desire to balance our work and our personal lives, which can be rather challenging, especially during the peak holiday season.  When personal plans conflict with work, it places pressure on healthcare providers to find a compromise or reschedule their personal plans.  There is a solution to this dilemma.  Scheduling and publishing the holiday work schedule months in advance allows staff members to plan family or vacations accordingly.  Releasing the holiday schedule before staff members make plans will decrease the chances of scheduling conflicts.  

Avoid Mandated Gift Giving

Unfortunately, gift shopping and gift-giving are some of the most common stress factors of the holiday season.  These stress factors can influence any healthcare provider’s work environment, especially if they feel obligated to participate in a mandated inter-office gift exchange.  There are other options to choose from when it comes to bringing holiday cheer to the workplace.  

  • Put up decorations 
  • Exchange holiday cards 
  • Throw a small party for staff members

Encourage Conversation with Patients 

Another way to support your medical staff during the holidays is to encourage small talk with patients.  There are numerous benefits that can come from a simple conversation between healthcare providers and patients.  

It builds trust

When healthcare providers make small talk with their patients, it allows for trust to grow.  Patients who trust their healthcare provider may be more comfortable being open and honest, and more likely to follow through with the healthcare provider’s recommendations.  

It elicits information concerning the patient’s health

Making small talk can prove to be a useful method for collecting information about patients.  By asking a patient about their plans for holidays or their holiday habits, the healthcare provider may get a clearer picture of their patient’s mental and physical conditions.  

It provides satisfaction

 Interacting with patients is one of the most rewarding parts of being in the medical field.  Whether it is a discussion about a long-anticipated holiday vacation or their favorite holiday food, each conversation serves as a connection between the healthcare provider and the patient. 

Supporting Your Medical Staff

 The holidays do produce stress in both the personal and professional lives of individuals in the medical field.  However, there are measures that can be taken to ensure that the burden of the holidays does not become unbearable.  Planning the holiday work schedule in advance will help prevent conflicts with staff members’ personal plans for the holidays.  Choosing to avoid mandated gift exchanges and opting for a less stressful holiday event will help staff members enjoy any festivities.  Lastly, encouraging small talk with patients will serve as a reminder of the lives they touch only daily basis, especially during the holidays.  

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