Implementing Medical Transcription with EMRs

With the ever evolving use of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in the medical industry, individuals may perhaps wonder “what will happen to outsourcing medical transcription services?”   Will there still be a need for these resources if EMRs are widely used?  The answer plain and simple is, yes. There is ample need for both.  In fact, the use of both can greatly increase accuracy, time savings and profitability.

See More Patients

Relying solely on the use of an EMR could cause a potential decrease in the amount of time available to spend with patients.  There have been studies that have shown that the use of EMR’s has the potential to add up to 6 minutes per patient visit.

Over the course of a normal day these extra 6 minutes begin to grow and have the potential to take away from the number of patients a provider can see.  On a day after day basis the implication of the cost becomes clear.  With services, such as automated transcription, physicians can dictate as they go, and be ensured that the records will be accurately transcribed for them and integrated into the EMR.

Increase Personal Time with Patients

It is not desirable for a patient to have her/his physician face buried in charts or computers.  What is most desirable is a face to face time with him/her discussing the issues and coming up with possible solutions to their concerns. With transcribing services, the face-to-face time is possible as the doctor simply dictates what is being done as it is being done. There is no risk to the relationship with the patient and the doctor can be truly present and engaged during the entire appointment.

Ensure Accuracy

Fast Chart’s medical transcription services puts the worries of accuracy aside as a guarantee of 98 to 100 percent accuracy is ensured. When a doctor is left to his own fruition and held accountable for inputting all records into the EMR at the time of the appointment there is the risk of human error, feeling rushed and simply forgetting something that was discussed during the appointment.

Medical transcription plays a vital role in the success of any medical practice, both large and small. The integration of EMRs can prove to be useful as well and when used in conjunction with outsourcing medical transcription services, it can be a very useful tool.  A win win!

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