Medical Transcription Services: The Power of Proofreading

To err may be human, but when it comes to the healthcare industry, there is little room for error. That is why at Fast Chart, we are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate medical transcription reports. We are able to accomplish this through using the latest speech recognition technology and a skilled medical transcriptionist and quality assurance team who take exceptional care to proofread each document. Together, our team and technology have helped Fast Chart achieve an accuracy rating greater than 98.5%.

Our Technology

At Fast Chart, we have partnered with industry leader M*Modal to supply our clients with M*Modal’s Speech Understanding™ technology. This technology far surpasses the challenging speech recognition applications of the past. It’s the first and only cloud-based platform that actually lends contextual understanding of the physician’s narrative – not just the individual words. This allows physicians to dictate in a more normal, “conversational”, mode by not having to memorize and call out specific terms to verbally cue the speech engine. This results in less errors which means our clients receive more accurate medical transcription reports.

Speech Understanding™ Features Include:

  • Complete Speech Understanding™ based on a library of nearly 200,000 voice patterns.
  • Plug-and-Play technology so no matter where you are, the cloud will recognize your speech.
  • Adjusts on-the-fly to differences in cadence, accent, dialect and sub-specialty terminology.
  • Ready to use in minutes with little to no IT support.

Our Team

After the physician uploads their transcription to the digital transcription system, our medical transcription team reviews the document for accuracy. Our medical transcriptionists are experts in proofreading, and work to ensure that the medical transcription reports are error free. This is part of Fast Chart’s rigorous quality assurance process. We only provide reports to our clients once we feel confident that the document has been adequately proofread and is error free.

Proofreading Services Provided by Fast Chart Include:

  • Checking for grammatical and textual errors in the document.
  • Identifying and filling in any words or phrases that may have been missed.
  • Correctly formatting documents to match client’s specifications.
  • Performing a final quality check on the document

The Fast Chart Difference

Fast Chart’s high accuracy rating is a testament to our innovative technology and exceptional team of U.S. based transcriptionists and quality control personnel. We understand that proofreading is an important component of a medical transcription service. That is why we make proofreading and identifying errors a priority.

If you are ready to learn more about the Fast Chart Difference, contact us today for a free quote.

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