The Future of Medical Stenography

A person working on Medical stenography on their laptopIn the past, we have discussed medical stenography and everything you need to know about this career in medical transcription: from what it takes to become a medical stenographer to why this career is so important. Today we are revisiting this topic in terms of what the future has in store for this career. Medical stenography is projected to rise at a considerable rate over the next five years, and as we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, medical transcription will be more important than ever. 

What is Medical Stenography

Medical stenography, also referred to as medical transcription, is the process of transcribing medical reports and information dictated by medical professionals. These medical documents can be sent to the stenographer in a variety of formats from audio files to notes taken during a lecture. Medical stenographers have the job of transcribing medical documents provided to them by healthcare professionals. This career requires precise attention to detail and the ability to turn in thorough work on time. 

Medical stenography services make up the foundation of the electronic medical records system. This system is vital to the healthcare industry because it houses the medical history of the patients. All of the clinical data pertaining to medications, progress notes, providers, and demographics can be found within the electronic medical records system. Outsourcing medical transcription services also allow practices and providers to reduce costs and improve the quality of their medical documentation. Relevant to 2021, medical stenography is incredibly important when it comes to the tracking of the COVID-19 vaccine. While the pandemic is sure to create an increased need for medical stenographers, even back in 2019 the global Medical Transcription Services market was anticipated to rise at a considerable rate.

The Future of Medical Stenography

According to MarketWatch, North America currently dominated the medical transcription services market and is expected to retain this position in the future. The reasons for this growth are factors like a higher percentage of the aging population and the passing of the Affordable Care act. These factors will continue to drive the medical transcription services market over the next five years, the pandemic has also played a significant role in the need for medical transcription services. In a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global medical transcription market is expected to see a positive impact which will result in increased growth. The pandemic has also brought awareness to the numerous benefits that digital health technologies have to offer. This awareness is likely to lead to an increase in outsourced medical transcription services. Aligning with other trends prompted by the pandemic, the medical transcriptionist position at Fast Chart is fully remote and offers flexible hours. In addition to safety, working from home has many benefits. To learn more about the benefits of working from home, and the importance of being remote during the pandemic, read our blog, 6 Benefits of Working From Home

Careers at Fast Chart

If you’re interested in a flexible career with a promising future, we invite you to consider a fully-remote position as a medical transcriptionist. In an uncertain world that is destined to see many changes, the need for medical transcriptionists is projected to rise. Before applying for a medical transcriptionist job at Fast Chart, you can review our requirements and qualifications. Think you’re a great fit? Contact us today.

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