The Importance of Accurate Imaging

graphic of a doctor reviewing various xray images to symbolize The Importance of Accurate Imaging

Medical imaging, including ultrasounds, CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs, serve vital purposes in all different fields of medicine. While the healthcare industry is full of revolutionary technology, The New England Journal of Medicine has referred to medical imaging as one of the top medicine advances in the last 1000 years. Medical imaging is required to make diagnoses, plan treatments, and prevent future illness and injury. In order to provide the patient with the highest quality of care, the findings of medical imaging must be documented, processed, and stored accurately. While there’s no doubt that medical imaging is one of the most important innovations in the industry, we wanted to devote some time to the importance of accurate imaging and explore what you can do to ensure your findings are documented correctly.

The Importance of Medical Imaging

Diagnosing various conditions across all fields of medicine were revolutionized by medical imaging. Medical imaging helps develop an accurate diagnosis, it can also be used to check a patient’s progress during and after treatment. The technology within imaging systems often can pick up on potential problems that a basic external exam could overlook. The detailed information afforded by imaging systems provides patients with more effective and comprehensive care. This is especially the case when it comes to expectant mothers. Ultrasounds have progressed over the years and can provide a more accurate analysis of the baby’s health. Medical imaging technology is also a staple when it comes to preventative care. It has been estimated that mammograms have helped to decrease breast cancer fatalities by 30% since 1990. Finally, surgical procedures would not be the same without the help of medical imaging. Imaging technology is required before, during, and after the procedure. While medical imaging services are essential tools for treatment, diagnostics, and prevention, many findings are at risk of being lost or incorrect without proper documentation.

The Importance of Accurate Documentation

You wouldn’t cut corners by using an inaccurate medical imaging machine, so why skip the proper documentation? Fast Chart’s partnership with M*Modal provides a solution to delayed and inconclusive results. In the medical field, every minute counts when it comes to finding out imaging technology results, which is why Fast Chart’s Intelligent Imaging solution enhances the speed and accuracy of findings. It uses Speech Understanding, a consolidated vendor-neutral worklist, and improved departmental business analytics to create structured, clinically encoded documents that are also searchable and shareable. The Intelligent Imaging platform also allows users to work together to achieve more accurate documentation results. Imaging technology is a process that doesn’t stop after the initial images have been analyzed. Your patients deserve the best, which is why both technology and documentation solutions should be top-notch. 

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