The Top Five Benefits of Computer Assisted Coding

Computer-assisted coding (CAC) has revolutionized the process of medical coding in health information management. With the computer-assisted coding solution by Fast Chart, this innovative technology can streamline your approach to remove inefficiencies, reduce denials, and shorten the billing cycle. Electronic health records provide necessary electronic documentation for practices, but the systems can be challenging to incorporate into the coding process. With the help of CAC, your practice can automatically generate medical codes from every form of clinical documentation, including EHRs and EMRs. If your team is experiencing difficulty handling the additional 120,000 codes of CID-10, or if they need a boost of productivity and efficiency, Fast Chart can help. To help illustrate the importance of this innovative technology, we are breaking down the top five benefits of computer-assisted coding.


All of Fast Chart’s technology helps to alleviate time spent on clinical documentation tasks so that you can spend more time providing the best care to your patients. Our computer-assisted coding technology is just one way you can increase productivity in the other aspects of your practice. CAC provides rapid review aids and helps coders identify high-priority cases that improve productivity by 25-75%. CAC can also either eliminate or expedite all manual coding processes such as sorting, data entry, code lookup, and so much more.


When you implement our computer-assisted coding technology, you can be assured of consistent results day after day. This consistency leads to increased accuracy and can help provide a higher confidence level in clinical and financial analysis. The CAC system also works to level the playing field regarding the varying levels of experience for employed coders.


Automated coding workflow makes it easy to identify incomplete physician documentation and supports increased transparency and traceability through the coding process. This transparency can help easily identify any errors along the way and save time down the road.


The efficiency of our computer-assisted coding is three-fold. First, it works to eliminate unnecessary paperwork by compiling documentation from multiple sources to simplify the coder review process. Second, it reduces denials and minimizes Discharged Not Final Billed rates using workflow queues and workforce management capability. Finally, it saves time and increases the speed at which reimbursement is received.


Coding requires attention to detail and specific compliance standards. With the addition of computer-assisted coding, your practice is granted the ability to generate the billing correctly the first time to reduce time rebilling as well as additional work time. The consistency and accuracy promote the increase in compliance that computer-assisted coding provides.

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