Typing Vs. Speech Understanding Technology

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Ever since the evolution from written to electronic records, doctors and healthcare professionals have been required to spend long hours typing up notes while staying as diligent and accurate as possible. While the switch to electronic health records and electronic medical records has increased efficiency, it has left a significant administrative workload in its wake. This is why Fast Chart offers speech understanding technology to allow physicians to dictate, review, and electronically sign their reports with ease. As the healthcare industry advances in technology, it’s essential to keep up with these advances in the most effective way possible. To illuminate the benefits of Fast Chart’s innovative dictation solution, we’re comparing typing versus our speech understanding technology.

Faster than typing

The first way that speech understanding technology helps your practice is by expediting the entire record updating process. Research has shown that using a dictation service like Fast Chart’s speech understanding can reduce documentation time by up to seven hours per week. Additionally, Fast Chart’s speech understanding technology powered by M*Modal can understand physician narratives instead of individual words, allowing physicians to speak comfortably and normally. This eliminates any added time calling out keywords or waiting on the speech engine to catch up. 

Increased accuracy

In addition to creating a faster way to update EMR and EHR, speech understanding technology is far more accurate than typing. When you’re speaking, you are more likely to include all of the necessary information, but it’s more likely that you’ll forget specific details when you’re typing. Even if the information is in front of you in writing, it’s incredibly easy to skip over words or even entire lines of text when typing up that information. Even the most carefully typed documentation has a higher inaccuracy rate than when spoken aloud and recorded by speech understanding technology.

Easier on staff

Documentation that is quick and accurate the first time not only saves your practice time and money, but can also decrease burnout among your staff. Your patients deserve the best quality of care from your team. Every minute spent on administrative tasks is a minute that takes away from time spent with a patient and diminishes energy from that staff member as well. Dictation services like speech understanding help reduce the time spent, so you can spend more time on your job’s more important aspects.

Quicker turnaround time

When clinical documentation is quicker and more precise, the overall turnaround time improves. Fast Chart’s ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations, and this includes delivering impressive turnaround times. The faster this process is complete, the more time and money that you save.

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