What Automated Transcription Can Do for Your Medical Practice

automated transcription

Each day, humanity progresses. New discoveries come to light. Innovative minds design cutting edge devices to make tasks faster and more convenient. These statements should especially apply to medical practices. One area of improvement that is evident in medical practice is time. Physicians seem to have a scarce amount of it, and a good bit of their time is dedicated to transcription and documentation. Fast Chart offers a solution that will make the transcription process quicker and free up time that physicians can use to provide the best patient care possible.  

Automated Transcription

Partnered with M*Modal, Fast Chart has found a way to successfully automate the transcription process through a web-based, digital voice capture along with a transport solution that enhances the clinical information workflow.  

How Automated Transcription Works 

The process begins with a powerful speech recognition engine which swiftly converts audio files to text, and then automatically routes them to the appropriate editor. Upon completion, providers may electronically sign the documents which then get distributed. The final documents are supplied in HL7 or CDA structured data format and may be sent directly to Fast Chart’s Computer Assisted Coding System or uploaded to your EHR. Providers can also dictate directly into the EHR system if they wish, creating a comprehensive clinical document that integrates both voice and text through a single application.  

Automated Transcription Provides Unmatched Accuracy 

Physicians will not have to concern themselves with speaking loud or clear enough for their words to be captured. Automated Transcription merges superior speech recognition solutions with compelling natural language understanding (NLU), allowing physicians to speak in conversational tones. Over time, speech recognition solutions and natural language understanding will improve accuracy.  

Automated Transcription Saves Time

Time is one of the most important assets in any medical practice. Automated Transcription acknowledges the significance of time to both physicians and patients and works hard to perform time-consuming tasks. A single, cloud-hosted voice profile enables clinicians to dictate into their EHR from anywhere, any device, as well as any care setting. This gives physicians both flexibility and portability with selecting appropriate workflows and devices, thus, freeing up more time for patient care.  Compared to traditional documenting in the EHR without any speech recognition, Automated Transcription may save physicians three to four hours a day.  

Automated Transcription Features 

  • Supports dictation through multiple sources — PCs, traditional phones, smartphones, real-time speech recognition methods, and dictation stations.
  • Offers flexibility for physicians who wish to record, edit, and complete their own documentation, or send it through the formal transcription process as well as quality checks.  
  • Adapts to various workflow needs (outsourced, in-house, hybrid).  
  • Ability to dictate directly into the EHR. 
  • Direct routing to Fast Chart’s Computer Assisted Coding System for automated coding.  
  • Comprehensive performance analytics and reporting.  

Progressing Your Medical Practice

As new discoveries are being made and as cutting-edge technology is being designed, medical practices should strive to progress as well. With Automated Transcription, medical practices will be able to not only speed up the documentation process but also improve accuracy. The faster and more accurately the transcription process, the more time physicians have for quality patient care.  

Contact Fast Chart

Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that combines technology, experience, and service to provide the highest quality outsourced clinical documentation. If you have any questions regarding how your practice can benefit from automated transcription, or how our technologies can help your practice, please call (919) 477-5152 or contact us online.

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