What Intelligent Imaging Can Do For Your Practice

A doctor analyzing x-ray results of a brain

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and breast cancer is just one of the many diseases that require accurate and quick imaging results. With cancer diagnosis and treatment, speed and precision are key to formulating a treatment plan. Should imaging results be delayed or inconclusive, precious time is wasted as planning is put on hold till a conclusive image result can be obtained. In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare system, there is no room for delays or inconclusive results. 

The Solution: Intelligent Imaging

  Partnered with M*Modal, Fast Chart offers a solution to delayed and inconclusive imaging results. It is a comprehensive, intelligent imaging, radiology reporting solution that enhances both speed and accuracy of findings by merging three important applications; Speech Understanding, a consolidated vendor-neutral worklist, and improved departmental business analytics. This solution is Intelligent Imaging. With M*Modal’s distinctive Speech Understanding technology, radiologists are capable of easily creating electronic documents that are structured, clinically encoded, as well as searchable and shareable.  

Breaking Through Barriers 

 M*Modal’s Intelligent Imaging is built on 3M’s cloud-based natural language understanding (NLU) technology platform. Intelligent Imaging is designed to aid radiologists in overcoming difficult barriers they face regularly, such as optimizing productivity in RIS, BACs, and EHRs. This innovative solution taps into the immense resource of inaccessible information in unstructured radiology narratives. It proactively works to unify and simplify the imaging worklist so every exam, irrespective of vendor or location, is delivered into a single, Web-based view. Aggregating data from these traditional sources along with other clinical platforms like pathology systems results in the complete understanding of the patient necessary for improving clinical outcomes. Intelligent Imaging provides an enterprise platform, in which users can work together to identify, improve, monitor, and manage documentation concerns as well as patient information with the goal of delivering higher levels of service and compliance.        

Unified User Experience

 Intelligent Imaging offers a unified user experience. Its cloud-based system directly delivers actionable, tactical, operational, and clinical information needed to optimize the performance of multiple stakeholders. One system is responsible for supporting administrators by improving patient throughput, compliance, and cost control, along with radiologists on the frontline of delivering results and quality while striving to minimize the gap in productivity and care.  

Features of Intelligent Imaging

This imaging technology is equipped with various cutting-edge features geared to further advance the healthcare system for practitioners and patients alike.  

  • Intelligent Speech Understanding Technology.
  • Automatically search, locate, and view applicable patient data.
  • Structured reporting and cohesive productivity tools. 
  • Advanced exam filtering and prioritization, along with workload distribution and exam assignment capabilities based on customized business rules.
  • Simplify and unify the imaging worklist through a single, web-based view. 
  • Follow up recommendations are electronically read, tagged, and tracked within the system.  
  •  Simply view trends using intuitive, customized, role-based graphic reports and dashboards.  

Delayed and inconclusive imaging results have no place in today’s modern and proactive healthcare system. Intelligent Imaging serves as an ideal solution for decreasing delays and inconclusions in imaging results, benefiting both radiologists and patients.

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