What Speech Understanding Technology Can Do For Your Practice

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The practice of medicine has come a long way with the support of technology. With every technological advancement, healthcare is becoming faster, sharper, and more convenient. However, with such rapid advancement, it is becoming clear that perhaps too much focus has been placed on technology rather than the people in the equation, the health care providers, and the patients. Physicians, by occupational hazard, often run a tight schedule, however, want to do what they can to provide their patients with the sufficient care they deserve. Unfortunately, this goal tends to be unmet when physicians are having to type and click away on their electronic devices for many of their appointments. As a result, physicians are not able to make much time for conversation or eye contact with their patients.    

The Solution: Speech Understanding

The fact of the matter is that patient experience is remarkably better when clinicians and physicians interact with them instead of technology. Fast Chart offers an ideal solution to this dilemma that can bridge the gap between the physician and the patient; M*Modal’s Speech Understanding.

The Goal of Speech Understanding 

 Speech Understanding’s goal is to reduce administrative burden and allow physicians the time to properly care for their patients. Beginning with 3M speech understanding as well as contextual awareness of the whole patient record, 3M technology constantly analyzes the note and delivers active nudges to physicians via next-generation computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) functionality. CAPD produces in-workflow clinical insights devised to aid physicians in closing the care gap and improving specificity as they document in the EHR.  

Functions and Features of Speech Understanding      

 This product surpasses the complicated speech recognition applications of the past. It is the first and only cloud-based platform that provides a contextual understanding of the physician’s narrative. Physicians can dictate in a more conversational manner, without having to memorize and call out certain terms to verbally cue the speech engine. M*Modal’s Speech Understanding offers a variety of beneficial features aimed toward the task of improving healthcare experiences for both physicians and patients.  

  • Speech Understanding is based on a library of approximately 200,000 voice patterns.
  • Plug-and-play technology is an available feature, so that no matter where you are, the cloud will recognize your speech.  
  • It can quickly adjust to differences in cadence, dialect, accent, and sub-specialty terminology. 
  •  The physician can conversationally search the patient chart and instantly get to the right information. 
  • The product simplifies EHR navigation by interacting with physicians and clinicians through intuitive, conversational workflows.  
  • Quickly captures notes in free form and completes EHR documentation with task and command management using ambient speech.  
  • Enables real-time patient-physician engagement using an unobtrusive and secure device with multichannel microphones and a speaker to allow two-way conversations when suitable, along with visual indicators for non-verbal cues.  
  •  Allows for conversational order entry, in which computerized physician order entry (CPOE) is speech enabled. 

Looking to the Future of Healthcare

With all the technological advancements in the medical field, it is critical to not lose focus on the importance of valuable physician and patient interaction. This interaction may scarcely occur within the physician’s room unless the laptop or iPad is put aside, and conversation unfolds. M*Modal’s Speech Understanding technology benefits both physicians and patients, by taking on time-consuming tasks, so that physicians can give their patients the best care possible without electronic devices getting in the way.  

Contact Fast Chart

A Fast Chart, we combine technology, experience, and service to provide the highest quality of the medical transcription. Our solutions are scalable including services and technologies like computer-assisted coding, automated transcription, and speech understanding to ensure accuracy in your clinical documentation no matter the size of your organization. If you are interested in a demo of M*Modal’s Speech Understanding, contact us today.

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