Why Choosing a U.S. Based Company Matters

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One of the components that make up “the Fast Chart difference” is our highly skilled U.S.-based team. There are numerous reasons to choose U.S.-based companies and products, such as increased quality of products and services and economic benefits. Many healthcare documentation companies decide to outsource their transcription services overseas, but Fast Chart recognizes the importance of keeping our staff within the United States. We’re taking time to outline some of the benefits associated with maintaining a U.S.-based team and why choosing a U.S. based company matters for your practice or hospital.

Round the clock live support

No matter where your practice is located in the United States, when you choose Fast Chart, you can automatically get the benefit of live support from one of our team members located within the U.S. We understand that questions may arise outside of standard office hours, which is why we offer our live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. We also understand that there is no time to waste when it comes to your practice’s medical transcription. The healthcare industry never stops, which is why we don’t either. There can be a lag in information and support at other medical transcription companies that choose to outsource their transcription services, which adds more frustration and confusion. At Fast Chart, we provide a more seamless approach to medical transcription and are here for you with any questions you may have.

Supporting the U.S. job market

The U.S. based Fast Chart team includes various skilled medical transcriptionists, account managers, quality assurance specialists, information services technicians, and customer service representatives. While we have always recognized the importance of supporting American jobs, it is more evident than ever to see why it is vital to hire within our communities after the past year. Where there is a need for workers in the healthcare industry, there is also a need for employees in  to continue to support the doctors, hospitals, and medical practices around the country. 

Increased accuracy

While other medical transcription companies can save money by offshoring their services, they also risk sacrificing their accuracy. Clinical records, including EHR and EMR, require precise accuracy, which is why it’s vital to have a domestic healthcare documentation solution. Due in part to our U.S. based team, Fast Chart provides an accuracy rate of over 98.5%. We know that your practice doesn’t have time for errors, which is why we strive to deliver the most accurate results the first time.

Reliable results

Choosing to base our team out of the United States allows us to provide transparent accountability and reliable results to our clients. In addition to our high accuracy rating, we can also provide turnaround times that exceed our client’s expectations. We can do this because we can cut out the lag time associated with offshore services. If you’re looking for accurate, high-quality medical transcription, choosing a U.S. based company matters.

Contact Fast Chart

Fast Chart is a medical transcription company that combines technology, experience, and service to provide the highest quality outsourced clinical documentation. If you have any questions about the “Fast Chart” difference, including how your practice can benefit from our highly skilled U.S. based team, or how our technologies can help your practice, please call (919) 477-5152 or contact us online.

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